Why Heartland Truss?

  • We custom design for your needs.  Heartland Truss is truly committed to promoting and educating our customers on wood trusses.  We can provide on-site expertise in the handling and erection of our product, assuring that the efficiencies of using trusses are achieved.
  • Our engineering staff's expertise in designing the difficult houses of today is second to none.  With the MiTek design software, virtually any house can be designed with trusses.  Our manufacturing equipment is state-of-the-art.  We have a computerized automated component saw, high-speed slotted top gantry, and laser projection system.
  • All of our trusses are backed by MiTek's staff of professional engineers, who are licensed in every state.
  • With on-site help, professional staffing, and the latest in production equipment technology, the most important reason for choosing Heartland Truss is service.  We are totally committed to exceeding your expectations.  Please call us and let us show you the benefits of using wood trusses.